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On this video, coach Boris Khurgin is giving a lesson to five years old kid. Yes, five years old! Never early to fence (and never late)

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Group Classes

Pee-Wee Fencing

Pee-Wee Fencing

This class is for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners who love to leap over furniture at home and pretend to be Jedi Knights! Using plastic foils, practice vests, and light-weight masks, the structured fencing class teaches a new skill every week, with repetition of skills emphasized. Fencing games are incorporated into each lesson. This fun class meets once a week for 45 minutes. Leave the light sabres at home 


Level I Classes


Level I class fencingLevel I Classes - Classes for students who have participated in the Intro Program. This class covers footwork, basic techniques and skills, bouting tactics, etiquette and sportsmanship. Full set of equipment is necessary.




Level II Classes

 Level II class fencingLevel II Classes are classes for students who have shown proficiency in all aspects of Level I fencing. 


This class covers intermediate level footwork and technical skills, bouting tactics and continues to emphasize etiquette and sportsmanship.


Classes begin incorporating electrical bouting.


Level III Classes

 Level III class fencingLevel III classes for youth, cadet, and junior fencers who have at least one year competitive experience with fencing. 

Fencers in this class are annual members, take individual lessons, train two-three times a week, have their own electric and protective gear, and compete regularly in local as well as national events.

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