Fencing Scout Parties

Please call or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to reserve a one hour group lesson for your troop! Scheduled time is by appointment. $20 per scout for one hour of fencing instruction. Price is based on a minimum of 10 kids.

Fencing Birthday Parties

Schedule a birthday party at IFA! Participants will receive a crash-course in fencing, followed by 10-15 minutes of dueling. Our party room is available for 30 minutes after fencing during which time you can serve pizza, cake or whatever refereshments you decide to bring. Menus for ordering also available. There is a suggested maximum of 16 children. Suitable for ages 5-12. Price: $30 per participant. IFA does not provide food or beverages for parties. Please note that IFA cannot reserve times prior to receiving a $100 deposit. To reserve a day and time, please call us at 516-576-0646 or fill out the form below and mail in a check with the deposit amount to the following address: Island Fencing Center 101-32 Dupont Street Plainview, NY 11803

Submit your request using the form below:


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Contact Us

Island Fencing Academy
101-32 Dupont St Plainview, NY 11803
Phone: 516-576-0646

Hours of Operation
4 PM - 9 PM
Saturday and Sunday:
10 AM - 1 PM

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Congratulations to Christopher Mancini - 8th Place Y12 Mixed Epee @ Cobra Youth Tournament !


Congratulations to our foil fencers @ Brooklyn Youth Challenge:

  • Annabel Shen - 1st Place
  • Sofia Shen - 3rd Place
  • Tyler Chen - 3rd Place


Congratulation to Amanda Lalezarian - 7th Place @ ROC Senior Women's Foil. Amanda has qualified to DIVI A National Championship!

Congratulation to Cailan Rurke  - top 16 @ ROC Senior Men's Sabre!


High School Fencing

Fencing is a popular High School Sport on Long Island. Want to be on your High School Team? Contact us - we can prepare for your HS trials

Fencing in College

Fencing is an NCAA sport. Contact us and we'll show you how fencing can help you to get into the best colleges in the country